Established in 1996,MIC Consultancy is an independent full-service research house.

Working through our three permanent offices in China - Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. We are providing both Business-to-Business and Consumer Research (Quantitative Research & Qualitative Research) services to our clients.

Also, with the support from our associates, we are able to provide research support across the whole mainland China and HongKong as well as Taiwan.

Our motto is "Operation Excellence", with strong emphasis on fieldwork quality.

FGD Facility

Service Category

  • Quantitative Consumer Research
  • Qualitative Consumer Research
  • Business Research

Type of Studies
As a full-range service supplier, we provide:

  • Product Research
    • Product / Taste Test
    • Packaging Research
    • Pricing Research
  • Continuous Usage and Attitude Studies
  • Concept Testing
  • Brand Positioning Research
  • Market Potential Study
  • Brand Equity Research
  • Imagery Studies (Corporate / Branding)
  • Advertising Research
    • Copy Development Testing:
    • Copy Evaluation: Post-production
  • Retail Price Monitoring
  • Distribution Check

Project Management Team

  • Led and coordinated by our directors, including all the work in research design and fieldwork operation.
  • One-stop shopping, clients only need to contact one director for all enquiries.
  • Work is not delegated to junior / inexperienced personnel and our directors are always ready for traveling.
  • A common operational standard is maintained for the fieldwork practice across all the cities.

Capabilities & Facilities

  • Nation-wide data collection network
  • Associates in HK/Taiwan to handle data collection in the Greater China Region
  • In-house data processing and analyzing team
  • Standard Focus Group Facilities acoss all the key cities


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